Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Fiction Market Listings

You've probably heard that old saying, "Why pay what you can get for free?"

Good question!

As a writer, one of the biggest challenges you'll probably face is knowing where to send your manuscripts. After all, that's the whole idea isn't? You want to get paid for your writing! When I first started as a writer (Yikes! Has is really been twenty years?), I would go the library, locate a copy (hopefully a current copy) of The Writer's Market, and try to find a market that accepted short stories. The process was time-consuming, frustrating, and irritating. Because of the transient nature of publishing, generally, the current Writer's Market was out of date before it even hit the bookstores! But now we have the Internet. The Writer's Market is still out there, but I have found much better places for market listings. The best part is, these websites offer FREE information! Here is a list of some of my very favorite sources for market listings:

  • Ralan's Webstravaganza - this website offers markets for fantasy, horror, and science fiction writers. The markets are broken down by rates (semi-pro and pro rates paying at least $.03 per word and paying markets being anything less). There are also links to book publishers and anthology markets. This is one of the best sources on the web.
  • The Write Market - aka the mother lode. Seriously, this site has it all - fiction and non-fiction markets, how-to information, even greeting card markets.
  • Writers' Write - sometimes, genre markets get all the press, but at Writer's Write, there are listings for juvenile, literary, and young adult markets as well.


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