Monday, February 16, 2009

The 'Forever' Stamp is a Writer's BFF

U.S. Postal rates are about to go up. Again. According to the United States Post Office, on May 11, a first class stamp will cost you $ .04.

So what does this mean for writers?

Well, if that SASE you've included in a recent query or submission letter was stamped with a 42 cent stamp, your response might be slow in coming. Or, possibly, it might not come at all. According to the US Postal Service, letters marked 'insufficient postage' are sent to the return address on the envelop. However, if there is no return address, or if you are unable to pay the postal carrier the missing postage, your SASE will be forever gone.

Just think - that acceptance letter you've been dreaming of might never make it to you!

That's why the Forever stamp is the writer's BFF. Currently, I have about three snail-mail queries that include SASE's. But I can be assured that those replies will be returned to me, even though a price increase is imminent.

I would love to see a day in which every publisher and agent accepts e-mail submissions and queries, but until that day comes, invest in a book of 'Forever' stamps!


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