Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fiction to Read on Your Coffee Break

Once upon a time, fiction that was published on the Internet was of pretty poor quality. Just like today, anyone with the right hardware and software could post her writing for any and all to see. I suppose there were good stories floating out there in cyber-space, but although I searched, I was never lucky enough to find any of it! Websites that offered fiction tended to be put up by people who had the best computer but not the best editing skills.

Years later, when ezines like Event Horizon came onto the scene, online fiction improved tremendously, but there was still a stigma attached to it (the idea being that real writers didn't 'publish' on the Internet).

Times have changed!

Now, eiNET offers a list of forty-two ezines that print fiction, and many ezines are now paying pro rates.

In any case, unlike twenty years ago, there is a lot of great fiction being published on the Internet. Here is just a taste of what I consider to be the best:

The next time you want to take a break at work, grab a cup of coffee, a bagel, and treat yourself to some online fiction.


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