Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Better or Worse

It’s easy to forget that writing is hard work.

Sometimes when I’m writing, my thoughts flow onto the page as smoothly as honey on toast. I don’t have to pause to think of the right words; they simply appear. I don’t stress over the details of description (something I always struggle with). My characters make me laugh out loud or get teary-eyed. The plot enchants me. When my writing is like this, I feel like I have wings, and that I’m gliding above what I have created, enjoying the view.

But, unfortunately, most of the time, I am not soaring but slogging through the desert. I struggle for words. The plot becomes an impossible snarl. My characters are stilted or, worse, caricatures spouting wooden dialogue. The descriptions are boring. At these times, I want to delete my entire hard drive.

The funny thing is that whether I struggle or not, the end result is usually about the same. When, weeks later, I go back to review what I’ve written, I can’t tell which pages came from the sweat of my brow and which ones I wrote with ease.

If you are feeling frustrated with your writing, you are not alone! Hang tough; eventually, you will reap the benefit of your diligence.


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