Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WonderCon, The National Enquirer and Jonestown

It's a Wonder

Comic book enthusiasts who flock to Comic-Con International in San Diego might want to consider going north to WonderCon in San Francisco.  Last year's attendance at Wondercon topped out at 34,000, and this year is expected to met or exceed that number.  Many attendees appreciate the smaller convention and think that the San Fran convention hasn't been overrun by Hollywood.  (Publisher's Weekly).

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Truth is Stranger than the National Enquirer

In a story so outlandish that even the National Enquirer might not have printed it, the grocery store tabloid was nominated for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize earlier this year for uncovering the John Edwards sex scandal.  But, according to an article by Shelley Ross, a one-time editor for the paper, this isn't the first time the tabloid has had a shot at the coveted prize.  Back in 1978, a reporter came to the paper eager to write a story on, "a cult of Americans in Central America, many brainwashed, being put through mass suicide drills."  Yes, it was Jonestown.  And, no, the Enquirer didn't carry the story.


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