Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welch, Salinger in the Limelight

Raquel Welch Tells It Like It Was

Rebecca Dana, blogging for the Daily Beast, reports that at age 69, former sex symbol Raquel Welch is telling her story in her new autobiography Beyond the Clevage.  Among other things, the actress's book uncovers is Ms. Welch's feelings against feminism.  Says Welch, "We are not like men. We don't want to be like men, not really."

J.D. Salinger Okay by FBI

Although many famous writers of the 20th century including Hemingway and Alan Gingsberg attracted the attention of the FBI, Catcher and the Rye author, J. D. Salinger did not.  Though that may not be the final word on the matter since the request to cross-reference is still pending.  (The Huffington Post)


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