Monday, January 25, 2010

My New Spot on the Web

I finally got my website up and running. I feel so writerly. Sometimes, even if the writing is going poorly and the mailbox is stuff with rejections, little victories like getting the website up and running make me feel oh-so-much better!

My next hurdle is to create a simple-yet-elegant stationary template. I don't send snail mail queries very often any more, but the next time I do, I'd like to have some nice looking stationary.


fairyhedgehog said...

That's a very beautiful and elegant website.

An alternative way to avoid spam when you post an email address is to post a picture of it. The place to get a free picture of it is here:

(You can use spamgourmet for a disposable email address, too, and set that as the link of you want to. Or you can just display the picture.)

Just a thought.

If your stationery is as elegant as your website it will be very classy.

T. Anne said...

Good luck to you querrying! It seems so few literary agents these days take snail mail. It's like a dying art.

Lost Wanderer said...

Very good website, and easy to navigate.

Elle Scott said...

Thanks guys : )

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